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and other skin conditions

Your skin has a burning itch that you can't seem to soothe.  You've tried steroids, creams and everything else, but are constantly bothered by "flare-up's". Although there is no cure, I have designed products to help you beat the itch naturally. 

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Dry skin will feel tight throughout the day. Dry skin is largely due to genetics, environmental factors such as lifestyle & diet, hormonal changes, and climate. Note that harsh soaps and detergents can also effect your skins moisture, so it's extremely important to read those labels. Even if you have normally oily skin, dry skin can effect anyone at anytime.




The causes of oily skin include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, you can take steps to make your skin less oily. An excess of oil production can sometimes leave the pores congested and clogged.

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Special care must be taken for sensitive skin. You should only introduce new products one at a time; That way it will be easy for you to determine what is good for your skin or not.




Normal/Combination skin tends to have the optimal level of natural moisture (sebum); however, that doesn't mean people with normal/combination skin don't experience dryness. Normal/Combination skin tends to have different needs depending on the area.

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