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The Skin-E: African Black Soap

So, I was very hesitant to write this article, because I know it's not a "popular opinion."

But...ummm (clears throat)


Avoids eye contact

Pause again to clear throat

I DO NOT like African Black Soap...Let me correct that;

My skin/body does not like African Black Soap

I first tried African Black Soap a few years ago. I'd heard such wonderful things about how it improved the appearance of the skin and I was excited. I came home with my little tub of soap that I bought from the local beauty supply and could not wait to use it. What is the first thing I did with my "little soap from heaven?" I took a bath of course.

Bathing Beauty:

Bath/Day 1: Nothing abnormal...seems like a very cleansing soap; Bath/Day 2: So far so good; Bath/Day 3: Hmmm. I'm noticing a little a spot that ladies DON'T want to be irritated in. FYI:I don't immediately blame the soap, but by Bath/Day 5 it's obvious that this soap and my feminine pH levels are not on the same page!!

Shower Power:

So, I stop using the soap for a while. In fact, I threw it away. The entire tub. Flash forward another year, I see it again...another brand.

Selena's thought process: " maybe the soap didn't work because I was in a soaking tub. I'll bet it'll work better in the shower. Because the water will be constantly rinsing my body."

I will spare you the gory details, but after a few days, I realized that was another NOPE. Money wasted, another tub in the trash.

Facial Fallacy:

Flash forward to last year.

Selena's thought process: "Hmmm...there is that African Black Soap again. I'll bet it'll work better on my face. Everyone talks about how it clears facial blemishes...I'll use it as a facial cleaner. Third times the charm, right?!"

I DON'T know WHY I would decide to use this soap on my face, when I know that I don't use soap to cleanse my face. I've NEVER been able to. Soap dries out my skin terribly!! African Black Soap did the exact same thing other soaps do to my face only faster. I was only using it at night to cleanse off makeup and my face turned into the Sahara Desert after the 3rd day. <Sigh>

People, I wanted to like this soap

My last attempt at African Black Soap

...I wanted my skin to accept it; so much so, I kept buying it. It's natural...only contains 3 ingredients and I'm not allergic to any of them. So what's wrong? To be honest I have to accept the fact that everything isn't for everybody; and unfortunately this soap is not for me (insert sad face).

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