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The Skin-E: Dry Brushing

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I have had the misfortune of suffering from Varicose Veins for a number of years now (vein disease). In fact, in 2016, I had the Radio-frequency Ablation Treatment (RFA) done from a popular vein clinic here in Houston. It helped my legs tremendously...but to be frank, IT HURT LIKE HELL. When they put the solution inside your vein to expand them....AHHHHHH!!!! I'm sure everyone's experience is different, maybe mine was awful because I have such small veins.

Varicose veins have the nasty habit of popping up again on different parts of the leg, even after treatment. I noticed in 2018, I was developing another bulging vein in the back on my right knee. That vein also brought another bout of restless leg syndrome and instances of my right foot falling asleep randomly. I, honestly, can not imagine myself going through another RFA Treatment. Besides the pain, I'm really not wanting to wear that darn compression stocking everyday. And after the treatment, my legs bruised like hell. It took almost a year for the bruises to leave; so yeah...RFA is a big "NO" for me.

I'm a big fan of beauty blogs and trends. A few years ago, I read about dry brushing. In case you didn't know, dry brushing is a technique where you take a dry bath brush, and basically brush it over your skin at least 3-days a week. People claim it helps cellulite and make your skin feel smoother. I'm no dermatologist, but the thought of brushing my legs with a gentle dry massaging brush, sounded like it might be a Godsend and great alternative to RFA for my tired legs. I started with a simple bath brush. Because, gravity is not a friend to Varicose Veins, I usually prop my legs up on the wall while lying on the floor. I start at the ankle and brush my skin towards my heart. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks now and besides the actual brushing feeling absolutely wonderful...I've also began to notice an improvement in the vein that has been of concern.

So far I'm a fan. I enjoy the feeling and the calming experience. I also have the added benefit of exfoliating the skin on my leg during the brushing. As a side-note, make sure you get a quality brush with firm, but fairly soft bristles. I can see dry brushing as being slightly uncomfortable if you "cheap out" on the main tool.

Bath brush

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